Advantages of collective transport of goods are as follows:

  • Faster delivery
  • Lower transport costs up to 30%
  • Minimum risk during the transport
  • Full control of the shipment during transport
  • There is no minimum of goods that can be transported

In this way you can import or export as much goods as you need, without unnecessary warehousing and creating stocks with much smaller logistics costs.

Depending on your needs we are capable to organise the most favourable solution in the area of collective transport in the shortest time possible.

With us you have a possibility to transport a wide range of goods, from standard cargoes that are palletized or unpalletized to non-standard cargoes, barrels or cases.

We offer transport of goods to our clients by the system “from door to door” which means that we collect your goods at the agreed address and disregarding the fact whether it has been transported by air freight, water or railway transport, we deliver it from the airport/port/station to the final destination.

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